Appointment(Career Chronical)
Thrusday Only
B/W Colour
Decan Herald FIELD2 FIELD3
Main issue Black & White Color
Basic Rate 1200 1800
Front Page NA 2500
Back Page 1500 1960
Page -3 1500 1960
Audited/Unaudited 715 1075
Bangalore City(Zonal) Black & White Color
Page 2 650 900
Page 3 750 1150
Front Page NA 1575
Metro Life Black & White Color
Basic 500 600
Front Page NA 850
Back page NA 750
DH- Avenues Black & White Color
Basic 550 600
Front Page NA 900
Main Issue(APPT) Main Editions Rates will Apply
DH- Realty/ HI Life Black & White Color
Basic 550 670
Front Page NA 850
DH- Education/Wheels Black & White Color
Basic 550 700
Front Page 650 860
DH- Living/Sunday Herald/Health Black & White Color
Basic 550 700
front Page 650 860
Special Categories
Obituary 400 Thanks Giving5*1 1600
Missing 400 Special Message 17000
Pointer 35000 Box Type Pannel 5*2 9000
Cinema Color 100 Box Type Pannel 10*2 15000

Deccan Herald Newspaper Ad in Chennai

Deccan Herald has a widespread readership across south India and it is seen as one of the few newspapers that still believe in the truthful depiction of affairs rather than the exaggeration of the same. Deccan Herald hails from Karnataka and is one of the finest English News Dailies to have emerged from the State. Deccan Herald is highly popular with the elite circles and common folk alike, which makes it a good medium to get your advertisements across people.

Placing ads in the Deccan Herald gives you an instant advantage as it has a wide circulation in South India, thereby you can target a wide range of audience in the southern states for expanding your business prospects. Its presence is very strong in states such as Karnataka and its inhabitants, thereby ensuring the ads of your product or service to reach out to them. We provide ad services to Deccan Herald’s broadsheets across a variety of categories for you to choose from. The ads prices are affordable and we make sure that your content gets across the Daily’s readership circles thereby ensuring the best placement for your ads. VIP Adfresh is the best Deccan Herald advertising agency in Chennai with the most pocket-friendly Deccan Herald rate card.

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